Watch Instructions

How to set your watch

Using a mechanical watch is not difficult but it can be tricky if you don't know where to start. This is a comprehensive guide on how to use your new mechanical watch. Make sure you fully read through these instructions before setting or winding your watch.

If you have a vintage watch, the term quickset does not apply to this watch. Quickset gives you the ability to change the date of your watch more rapidly. If you don't have a quickset function you will have to rotate the hands 24 hours in order to change the date.

It is important to use caution when setting the date of your watch in order to avoid damaging the movement.

Due to the complicated nature of a mechanical movement it is best to not set the date or any other function while the hands are set to the upper part of the watch(between 8 o’clock and 4 o’clock). In order to avoid malfunction ensure that the hour and minute hand are set to the lower part of the Watch (between 4:00 and 8:00) When quick setting the date or any other function. See photos below.

Correct hand position

Proper hand position for setting your watch date or day

Correct position for quick-setting your watch, hands are in the lower portion of the watch between 8:00 and 4:00 position.

Incorrect hand position

Improper hand position for setting your watch date or day

Incorrect position for quick-setting your watch, hands are in the upper portion of the watch between 9:00 and 2:00 position.

How to get your watch moving

It may be necessary to manually wind your watch prior to wearing it in order to activate the movement. If it is a screw down Crown, unscrew the crown first, if it is not then leave it in the closed position. Now that the crown is set to the hand winding position turn the crown clockwise about 30 times. It is important that you avoid over winding you watch which can cause damage. Your watch is sufficiently wound once you feel slight resistance. It is better to wind your watch less rather than more times to prevent damage to the movement. Sometimes a gentle shake is needed to get the watch moving. Make sure that the crown is fully screwed in or pushed in before putting the watch on your wrist.

Step-by-step guide

Step 1:

Start with removing the watch from your wrist.

When setting your watch, you want to remove it from your wrist. This is the proper way to set your watch and will make it easy to unscrew the crown and you will avoid damaging the watch.

Step 2:

Manually wind your watch to get it moving.

If your minute hand is not moving you will need to fully wind your watch before setting the time. If your watch has a screw down crown unscrew it and turn the crown clockwise until you feel slight resistance. Your watch is now fully wound, avoid over winding the watch because this can cause damage to the movement. If your watch crown is not a screw down crown all you have to do is rotate the crown in the closed position.

Step 3:

Setting the date.

Watches with mechanical movements with a date function typically have three positions. The first position, outlined above is for winding your watch. Pulling out the crown to the second position will change the watches date. Remember to make sure the hands are in the lower position of the watch(pictured above). If they aren't, pull the crown out to the third position and move the hands to the lower position.

A helpful trick when setting the date is to set it to the day before, this way when you go to set the time you will know if you are in AM or PM.

Step 4:

Setting the time.

Setting the time requires the crown to be in the third position, this will stop the minute hand from moving so you can accurately set the time.

Step 5:

Making sure you are in AM or PM.

When setting up your watch for the first time, an easy way to make sure you are in the correct AM or PM time is to set the date to the date before your desired date. For example If you want it to be set for the 10th start with the 9th. Once you have it set to the day before move the crown to the third position and move the hands until the date switches. Once the date switches you know you are in the AM of that date. Simply set the desired time and you are done.

Step 6:

Return crown to its normal position.

Once your watch is set it is important to push the crown back in. If you have a screw down crown, push it in and screw it back in to insure it is pressurized and water tight. If your watch does not have a screw down crown, simply push it into the closed position.

If you have a question or issue, please contact the location you purchased the watch from.
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