Why You Should Choose An Antique Engagement

All our antique engagement rings are one of a kind piece and each one of them is over 50 years old, our antique engagement rings are not estate rings. All have been certified by our master jeweler and most of them have been left in their Original Antique State. Our jeweler inspects all stones to ensure they're secure and a wide majority of our Antique Victorian Rings have also been graded by either GIA or EGL USA the most reputable diamond grading companies in the world.

One of the biggest factors considered when shopping for anything is the price. All of our Antique Diamond Engagement Rings you will find in our collections have been priced our very aggressively in-comparision to other New York Jewelry Dealers or Wholesalers. We have always been known for having the best prices on Antique Jewelry and as a company decided to offer you the customer whole sale prices on jewelry.

Antique Jewelry doesn't mix with Vintage Jewelry or Estate Jewelry. This is why we have created different categories for each of our engagement rings. Our Vintage jewelry will consist of pre-owned pieces, it could be a piece that was purchased last year. Vintage Estate Engagement Rings are pieces made to match a certain era or style. They are re-made to look like original antique.

If your looking for an original antique engagement ring, you are guaranteed to get one from us at the best wholesale market price because all of the pieces in this section are passed down from generation to generation.


Our antique engagement rings are categorized by era;- 

1880s Antique Victorian Engagement Ring

Antique Victorian Engagement Rings (1837 - 1901)

The Victorian era is named after Queen Victoria of England, who ruled the British Empire during this time. Queen Victoria loved jewelry, and her exceptional taste shaped the jewelry that was made.

In the 1800‘s most Victorian Antique Engagement Rings were set in yellow gold. Many engagement rings of this era feature diamonds as the primary gem stone. Antique Victorian Engagement rings during the later part of the era, were often finished with ornate filigree and engraving.

Since 1964 Collectors Coins & Jewelry has been sources authentic Antique Victorian Engagement Rings and you can now shop the Entire Collection right here

1880s Antique Victorian Engagement Ring 

Antique Edwardian Engagement Rings (1901 - 1920)

We don't have many engagement rings in this section but wanted to share more information about this era. King Edward of Britain was a fashionable icon that set a style influenced by the art and fashions throughout continental Europe. Edwardian Antique Engagement Rings kept much of the late Victorian era styles. It was during this error that platinum became the metal of the day. Platinum allowed for increased open filagree work and lacy designs. Designs with bows, flowers and scrolls complimented the Edwardian woman’s dresses with lace and feather topped hats. This error also birthed pearls set in platinum for a sophisticated look of the upper class.



Antique Art Deco Engagement Rings (1920 - 1935)

The world threw off the old and entered into an era. In the 1920s Antique Art Deco Engagement Rings, was another way for women to express their individuality. Gone were the lacy scrolls and flowers. The new Antique Art Deco Engagement Rings were more playful and fun, with geometric shapes and straight lines. This era brought now new alloy discovery that and was less expensive. White Gold replaced some of the platinum styles. 1880s Antique Victorian Engagement Ring

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