Coin Buyer


For over 65 years Collectors Coins and Jewelry has enjoyed helping others better understand the history and value of their US coins, precious metals, & currency. Our family deals in all types of US and Foreign Coins. Each of our locations is staffed with an expert numismatist who is able to quickly and accurately identify the current market value for your coins.

We buy all grades of the following coins.

  • All rare coins, certified coins, & collections1oz. Silver Eagle Bullion Coin
  • Half Cents
  • Large Cents
  • Indian Cents
  • Lincoln and Wheat-Ear Cents
  • Pre-1959 – 2¢ & 3¢ pieces
  • Bust coinage (half dimes through dollars)
  • Liberty Standing Quarters
  • All types of large and small size paper money
  • Liberty Nickels
  • Buffalo Nickels
  • Silver Wartime Jefferson Nickels
  • Seated Coinage: Dimes, Quarters, Halves and Dollarsnickel
  • Barber Coinage: Dimes, Quarters, Halves
  • Proof & Mint Sets
  • Silver Eagles
  • All Gov’t Issue Items & Commemorative
  • All Foreign coins, including gold & silver
  • & Many More