Diamond Buyer



Collectors Coins & Jewelry is the only diamond buyer & dealer on Long Island, that is always looking to purchase new inventory. We deal with a great market of buyers & sellers to ensure you get top prices to sell diamonds on Long Island.

As one of Long Island’s oldest & most prominent diamond dealers, we can afford to pay top dollar for diamonds and diamond jewelry. We offer great service with evaluations done by expert gemologists on the spot, insuring that your diamond never leaves sight.

Whether you are looking to sell a single diamond engagement ring, loose diamonds, or diamond jewelry, we will accommodate your every need.

Each of our locations is staffed with a trained Gemologist who will take you through our analysis process to properly identify the true current market value of your diamond and diamond jewelry. We regularly buy and appraise wedding bands, wedding rings, diamond engagement rings and diamond earrings as well as other types of diamond jewelry. Our business is based on educating the customer so that they can feel confident that they received the best offer and the right price.